When it comes to service, all of our residents get the same golden co-working standard. But how much space you like to call your own, is up to you. Our different seating options are here to fit most needs. Whether you are a big team or a one-man-army on the go.

Flex Desk
1.400 DKK
Full access to the flex area. It's in one of our open zones = you like to make new friends.
Fixed Seat
2.700 DKK
Your personal desk space. The same spot every day, but within an environment with a busy pulse.
Team Rooms
From 12.000 DKK
Interiors fitting 4-12 people. Private domains dressed to impress, but still cosy and laidback.
Day Pass
150 DKK
Try out the flex area. Let us be your co-work savior between those connecting flights.


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Flex, fixed, and team residencies give daily access to Talent Garden Raimaking from 7.00-24.00. Access to the network of Talent Garden campuses is included. All prices cover use of meeting rooms, shared kitchens, damn good coffee, tea, printing and IBM Bluemix and Watson.

Optional lunch costs 60 DKK a day for residents. Prices are excl. VAT. Deposit of two months applies to every option aside from our Day Pass. One month’s notice is required, if you’re leaving a team room.