We’re becoming European.

Since we opened our Copenhagen campus in 2015, we have kept our eyes fixed on the Nordics. We have connected entrepreneurs with like-minded founders from Helsinki to Reykjavik. Sure, VC’s and the occasional curious developer visited from London and Berlin. Still, we were in love with the idea of a strong Nordic ecosystem.

We spoke up about it, whenever we had the chance: we did conferences and hackathons with our Scandinavian peers and kept inviting investors from abroad. But in the past four years Nordic cross-collaboration has moved from being a vision to being a given.

While we want to keep up this culture, we also feel it is about time we expand our scope. Teaming up with Talent Garden connects us to a community of 23 co-working campuses, innovation schools and tech events across Europe. Hello, 3500 fresh faces.

Now we are going to explore this new ecosystem. Share launch tips with fellow entrepreneurs in Milan, recruit a UX’er from Dublin, and find the right angel in Barcelona. What does it mean to be a European startup? That’s something we’re defining day by day. We hope you want to be a part of it.




We mean business. But you don’t have to suit up.

It is easy to get a sense of our culture, if you walk through our house on Holmen. Built in 1888 it used to be the facility, where the Royal Danish Navy equipped their men for battle. While we like the idea that we prepare our residents for challenges, the uniform requirements have loosened since then.

We offer lounge zones on each of our four floors. Residents take a break – and sometimes a nap – in soft couches, while others perfect their ping pong in the Game Zone upstairs. The atmosphere is relaxed, but at the same time we have conference rooms that fit the strictest advisory board.

Morning yoga is a priority here. Just like nice bathroom facilities, so you can take a shower after a run along the harbour. We value jazz in the coffee shop on afternoons and a beer to kiss off the week.

And the glass walls? Aside from looking cool they remind us that openness is the foundation of Talent Garden Rainmaking. The residents are each other’s resource. No reason to hide them away.