New Masters at Work

June 14, 2018

New Masters at Work

This is a given: We all want a work life fuelled by personal interest – what we are fast to call passion. Now, how do you put a structure on that? What rules and tools are sensible, as you create your best professional life yet?

At this afternoon conference, we tell four big stories about what is happening to work:

1. Work alone. Work together.
We cover the rise of the remote worker + unpack how you get a thriving team, when it is spread across locations.

2. I talk to my boss the way I talk to everyone.
The end of visible authority and what it means to business.

3. Measure it. Don’t measure it at all.
Leadership based on data comes with some hard choices. We look at the situations, when your gut should ultimately decide.

4. Protect. Or burn out.
The no-bullshit priorities you need to survive in the long run.

Among the speakers:

Doist creates tools that maximize two qualities, which can be difficult to unite: Productivity and calmness.

Peakon kickstarts the people management in new and established companies.

The event is hosted at our sister collaborative at Pier47: Langelinie Allé 47.

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June 14, 2018






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