We bring industry leaders closer to entrepreneurs

All startups have needs. In order to serve those needs we are partnering up with the best companies across industries. These selected providers are skilled at helping early stage businesses. We introduce their existing services to startups. And help them develop their offerings, so they stay in sync with the everyday reality of entrepreneurs.

What we have in common with our partners is a profound interest in our ecosystem. They want to understand, where your startup is headed in six months, a year, and two years from now. After all, being part of a journey is more fun than doing a short sprint.

Tech Partner

Talent Garden Rainmaking’s partnership with IBM makes our residents move faster from idea to market-ready product. We ensure that they get free access to IBM’s innovation and development platform Bluemix. This serves as their point of entry to all of IBM’s technologies, including the cognitive system Watson, which provides vast opportunities for using data for company growth.

“This collaboration ensures a close dialogue between us and startups within the Nordics and Europe. Through our products and knowhow we strive to make a difference for each entrepreneur on Holmen,” says Christian von Seelen Schou, Country Operations Officer, IBM Denmark.

IBM’s advising team is available at Talent Garden Rainmaking on a running basis.

Learn more about what they offer entrepreneurs: www.ibm.com/marketplace/dk

Banking Partner

Danske Bank is a modern bank with deep financial expertise and leading, innovative solutions for people and businesses across the Nordics. We help customers to be financially confident and achieve their ambitions by making daily banking and important financial decisions easy.

We want to make it easier for startups and small growth companies to reach their goals and become successful enterprises. This is important not only for the companies themselves and their employees but also for society at large and for Danske Bank in both the short term and the long term.

At Danske Bank, we want to be close to the startup community in order to understand their needs and the way they work as they believe this will enable them to develop the products and services the startups need and increase the chances that Danske Bank will be the preferred bank for this segment today and in the future.

So we are very happy to be a preferred partner of Talent Garden Rainmaking and to be working closely with Rainmaking Innovation on initiatives like thehub.dk.

If you want to know more about thehub.dk or how Danske Bank works with startups, please contact  Klavs Hjort, Head of Business Innovation, Danske Bank: klhj@danskebank.dk

Insurance Partner

Tryg is a leading insurance player in Scandinavia. Their 2,7 million customers are the ones with the highest degree of loyalty on the market. One of the explanations is that Tryg for several years has prioritized each customer’s experience. It is a company mantra that Tryg welcomes every kind of individual with the courage to be a success. This value combined with a belief in knowledge sharing fits well with modern startup culture. Recently established businesses constitute a core part of Tryg’s customer base. Whether the insurance need is health, property, or transportation, they got it covered.

Learn more about Tryg’s offers for our entrepreneurs by contacting Thomas Martin Poulsen from their team:
thomas.poulsen@tryg.dk or +45 20 53 65 94

Ecosystem Partner

Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund) has been an influential contributor to Denmark’s entrepreneurial scene for over a decade. So far the state fund’s support to new Danish companies adds up to DKK 15 billion in investments. They have given a push to startups with vastly different profiles: Billetto’s event sales platform, Drivr’s taxi app, Libratone’s wireless speakers, and Trustpilot’s rating universe, to mention a few. Aside from direct own investments, they invest in private funds, and give loans to small and medium-sized companies.

Furthermore they collaborate with communities driven by innovation like ours. We are proud to have them onboard as a partner at Talent Garden Rainmaking’s house on Holmen.

Visit Vækstfonden’s website