Rainmaking Heroes: Henrik Lind

June 16, 2016

Rainmaking Heroes: Henrik Lind

Henrik Lind has tried that wonderful thing: He launched a startup in 2004 and ten years later it had a revenue of DKK 14 billion and 400 employees.

Henrik Lind’s energy company, Danske Commodities, made it big. But how do you stay in control, when your business is growing so fast that knowing everyone’s name is over?

During an informal conversation at Rainmaking Loft, Henrik will share his lessons about not being blinded by speed.

It’s going to be about hiring the right people (way after number two, three and four), keeping the informal leadership of the early days, and the ability to cut back, when the numbers demand it.

Henrik will also talk about how he brings his entrepreneurial mindset to the table, when he invests in other companies. He will share why he happily considers investing in what many of us perceive as legacy industries, like banking, real estate and shipping. No matter the circumstances, Henrik’s approach as an investor is clear: If you don’t want to leave your fingerprint on the strategy, why invest your money in the first place?

Conversation partner: Martin Bjergegaard, Rainmaking Loft co-founder and author of “How to be a leader”.

Program of the night, June 16:
19.00: Our bar opens
20.00-21.00: Talk with Henrik Lind
21.00-22.00: We welcome you back at the bar

The event is free for Rainmaking Loft residents.
Audience price for everyone else: 50 DKK.

Residents sign up for a seat, by mailing ‘Yes!’ to jv@talentgardenrainmaking.com
Tickets for guests are available on Eventbrite. 


June 16, 2016




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