Startup Law: Equity Investments

June 26, 2018

Startup Law: Equity Investments

How do you secure the right deal terms and operational freedom that lays the groundwork for future financing rounds?

On June 26 at our Pier47 space, we host the law team from Plesner with a special focus on equity investments. We will cover some of the key legal topics and pitfalls for the startup and its founders to be aware of when negotiating. They will be joined by the founders of two successful startups that have recently completed investment rounds at different stages in the startup lifecycle and who will discuss some of the challenges faced by a founder when parting with some of your “baby”.


Rasmus Mandøe Jensen, partner at Plesner specialising in fintech and financing

Henrik Laursen, partner at Plesner specialising in capital markets, venture capital and M&A

Sofie Blakstad, founder and CEO of Hiveonline

Mathias Gajhede, founder and CEO of Yourpay

Free + open for all, but as seats for the session are limited, sign up here.


June 26, 2018




Rainmaking + Plesner


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