Tech & Tonic: (Almost) Spring Edition

March 18, 2016

Tech & Tonic: (Almost) Spring Edition

Aaah – there is something in the air!

It’s TECH & TONIC: (Almost) Spring Edition.

Thirsty entrepreneurs and creatives, we are looking forward to seeing you again on March 18.

Our Friday concept returns with a bar smack-bam-full of gin & tonics for every budget. To honor the changing season you can expect a garnish that’s greener than ever. Yup, that’s a little garden on the bottom of the glass in your hand.

We’re also planning to let out a colony of butterflies in the reception, maybe invite a pigeon or two. Whatever happens, this TECH & TONIC will be Springy.

So drop that heavy coat at the door and make some new friends.

As usual: Our in-house DJ will give your voice the perfect background beat for that moment, when you say “You know, I’m actually downloading your app right now”, “Have you met my new intern?” or “Hell, why don’t we open that Kuala Lumpur branch, we always talked about.”

Your special someones & favorite people in general are most welcome.

With love from the Rainmaking Loft team.

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March 18, 2016




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