Tech & Tonic: Back To Work

August 16, 2019

Tech & Tonic: Back To Work

“I am too busy for networking,” you say. We get it! But what if you could focus your powers a bit and attend just one post-summer bar? 

If you bring your tanned face, we promise to pack the room with a crowd that reflects all the thriving clusters on today’s startup scene. 

The health tech’ers!
The sportstech tribe (stop running so fast)!
The fintech nation within our nation!
Urbantech “if you can think it, you can built it” types!
The social impact trailblazers!
Foodtech founders here to change tastebuds and value chains!

…and the aspiring entrepreneurs among us looking for the next challenge.

Let’s get back to work. And yes, you can make that G&T a double.

Talent Garden Rainmaking


August 16, 2019




Talent Garden Rainmaking


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