Tech & Tonic: Full Bloom Edition

May 19, 2017

Tech & Tonic: Full Bloom Edition

You know those days, when no one seems to care about your startup?
When even your mother gets a blank stare, as you spell it out for her: S-C-A-L-A-B-L-E.
(“No, mom. I have not been beta-testing for a year. It’s a completely new product now.”)

At Rainmaking Loft we never have those days. All we have is a bunch of great listeners that cares about every aspect of entrepreneurship. And a kick ass G&T bar made to fit bootstrapped budgets.

See you for The Full Bloom Edition of Tech & Tonic!

DJ: Nananana Crew + Billy the Kid
Bar team: The Cocktail Site and friends

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May 19, 2017




Rainmaking Loft


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