Tech & Tonic: Summer Edition

June 3, 2016

Tech & Tonic: Summer Edition

We’re back: On June 3 our G&T bar for entrepreneurs & creatives returns! Now with an outdoor barbecue area next to the ridiculously soft, green grass of Holmen.

First you share a conversation (and a grilled hotdog). Next you share a project.

Our crowd is a glorious mix of startup teams running fast, investors, up-and-coming social media stars, graphic designers, community organizers, open source idealists, razor-sharp developers, typography rebels and general tech royalty. It’s like a swimming pool of inspiration. Or a magic credit card with social capital that never gets maxed out.

Your favorite +1 or +3 are seriously welcome.

With love from the Rainmaking Loft team.

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June 3, 2016




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