Tech & Tonic

February 5, 2016

Tech & Tonic

All we wanted for Christmas was the perfect Friday bar.
No one wrapped that up for us, so we’re building one ourselves.

Here goes the debut of our new open event: Tech & Tonic. A G&T bar, where you can pick between Bootstrapped, Funded and Unicorn versions of the drink. DJ, food options, and a proper beer selection too.

We want it to be that informal occasion, where you catch up with old friends (professional and less professional ones) and meet new potential collaborators. First you share a conversation. Next you share a project.

Our crowd is a glorious mix of startup teams running fast, investors, up-and-coming social media stars, graphic designers, community organizers, open source idealists, razor-sharp developers, typography rebels and general tech royalty. It’s like a swimming pool of inspiration. Or a magic credit card with social capital that never gets maxed out.

Your favorite +1 or +3 are seriously welcome.

Sign up here.



February 5, 2016




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