We connected entrepreneurs with like-minded founders of companies from Helsinki to Reykjavik

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with no idea of where to start? Have you been searching for like-minded individuals from other cities and countries to collaborate with on your project? Look no further! Not only has a connection finally been established between entrepreneurs from Helsinki to Reykjavik, but they will now be able to interact and share ideas like never before.

This recent development has been the result of continental collaboration between both the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. The purpose of this connection is to create a platform that enables entrepreneurs in these two geographical regions to grow their businesses together.

Through this partnership, entrepreneurs will be able see first-hand how other businesses work in different countries and easily gain insight into each other’s practices. This will enable them to begin mutually beneficial business partnerships and take their company further than they would have thought possible.

The networking opportunities this project offers are immense. Entrepreneurs can meet and learn from experts, find inspiration in the success stories of others and widen their contacts within their own industries.

Overall, this connection not only allows enterprising individuals the chance to expand their business but it also lays the groundwork for countless innovative ideas to be brought to life by connecting entrepreneurs from Helsinki to Reykjavik.

The last few weeks have been incredible for the startup community. From Helsinki to Reykjavik, entrepreneurs from a variety of industries have been making meaningful connections and their impact is already felt beyond their local cities.

The new connections have meant more resources for companies, getting feedback from fellow founders in different areas, as well as discussing and finding innovative solutions to common problems. These conversations have become even more important nowadays with the uncertain economic conditions in Europe.

We are proud to be at the centre of this network and to be able to play an integral role in connecting entrepreneurs and like-minded founders from these two cities. This has resulted in the establishment of numerous meaningful partnerships and initiatives, allowing both Finnish and Icelandic entrepreneurs to cross-pollinate ideas, collaborate on projects, access new markets and draw mutual benefits out of each other’s experiences.

This initiative has been greatly beneficial for local businesses, giving them more opportunities to grow and connect with potential customers outside their normal circles. It is also a great example of how entrepreneurs can work together towards common goals despite distance – reducing the gap between countries that traditionally don’t often collaborate on certain matters.

We are looking forward to seeing more success stories out of this initiative and we invite more entrepreneurs from other cities in Europe to join this initiative and add to its potential of helping new businesses grow outside their local realms.

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