We connected entrepreneurs with like-minded founders of companies from Helsinki to Reykjavik

We are a platform that connects entrepreneurs with like-minded founders of companies from Helsinki to Reykjavik.

The idea was simple: there have been too many cases of missed opportunities for both entrepreneurs and for the companies that can benefit from partnering with other startups. We found that people in the same region often know about each other but never get a chance to meet, so we created a platform that connects these people and provides tools for follow-up collaboration.

We built a list of the 500 most promising and innovative companies in Europe to find the right contacts that would be perfect for our entrepreneurs’ business needs.

500 Startups’ Connector is a digital platform that connects business people with like-minded founders of companies. It has helped over 4,000 startups across Europe, by connecting them with entrepreneurs interested in business development, partnerships and accelerators.

This section is about how we connect entrepreneurs with like-minded founders of companies from Helsinki to Reykjavik.

Helsinki is the most popular place to locate a company in Finland, with a huge one million square meter office complex and plenty of coffee shops and trendy restaurants. Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland and is home to the University of Iceland, where many international students study. These two destinations are two hours apart but very different in terms of their culture and personality.

We matched 100 entrepreneurs in Helsinki with people that they wanted to connect with and helped them do so.

We are sending a team to Helsinki on the 22nd of November to set up a business event where Finnish entrepreneurs can meet potential partners and investors. Our goal is to increase their chances of success.

We will also be hosting a similar event in Reykjavik on the 23rd of November for Icelandic startups. We hope that this will help them connect with like-minded founders from Finland and other countries, as well as increase their chances for investment.

This is a collection of people that are in the same industry and might be able to help each other out. You can think about it as a mini business network with people in different locations. Throughout the app, you’ll find company profiles, reviews from other entrepreneurs and contact information.

There are a lot of tools that can help you connect with someone who is located elsewhere. This is not one of them.

The purpose of the project is to connect entrepreneurs with other founders of companies to share ideas, challenges and challenges, and get advice.

The event took place at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

It consisted of two parts: presentations from entrepreneurs and a matchmaking session for one-on-one meetings afterwards. The participants had to provide their business cards in advance for registration. The event was free but breakfast was provided during the break by a sponsor.

Tickets were sold at 20 euros each but students could get them for 10 euros if they came with their student ID card at the door on the day of the event.

There’s no limit on how many people can come to this event as long as they pay 20 euros or more per person.

The users of our app are entrepreneurs who are looking for people from their city to connect with.

allows entrepreneurs to find people who reside in the same cities as them and collaborate on ideas, ask for advice or provide mentorship, and more.

This is a social network that connects entrepreneurs who reside in the same city. The idea is that it’s easier to get in touch with a person from your city than someone from another country.

As the public, we’re all too aware of the dominance of Silicon Valley in regards to technology startups. It’s not just people have been making the move to Silicon Valley to start up a company and get their product off the ground, but thanks to social media and the internet in general, it has become easier than ever for entrepreneurs of all ages across the globe to connect with like-minded founders.

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